Hilton Newark Penn Station
Hilton Newark Penn Station
1 Gateway Center, Newark, New Jersey
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Beautiful facility. Great location for the Prudential Center.
The location was good, and it had adjoining retail options. The room was a little antiquated -- not what I'd expect for the price. Room service was very good -- rapid and accomodating. I ordered a movie, which came through, but with a lot of static. I called to ask them to fix it -- they said they would but never did. Gym facilities were clean and modern, but limited (though better than most).
Exercise room was nice. Price was high. Everything was acceptable.
I liked the location in proximity to the train station. I disliked the cramped-ness of the bathroom.
The Location is fine in that it is in the middle of downtown. Comfortable environment and service was acceptable
Loved it! Would stay there again!
located close to the airport with shuttle. only directions anyone of the staff could give is, 'Take a cab.' The cab would have been over $100, the subway was $22.