Santa Clara Marriott
Santa Clara Marriott
2700 Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara, California
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Overall the stay was nice. However there were a couple of things with the room cleaning. There wasn't enough clean towels left after the room cleaning. Once there wasn't any toilet paper in the bathroom after the cleaning. The bathtub either needs replacing or painting; the paint was peeling and there was scratches in the tub.
Requested rollaway bed, told that would not be a problem. When arrived, told room would not accomodate a roll away. Someone had to sleep on the floor. Requested directions to a restaurant. Got directions to an apartment complex instead. Requested a recommendation for dinner, was sent to a disgusting dive of a restaurant.
The rooms were spacious, however, upon walking in, I could smell smoke, as though someone had been smoking in the room for a long time. The food servers were polite, but were much too pushy to take away food plates. I was asked several times while eating my meal if I was done with the plate even though I wasn't. As soon as I got up for an announcement and returned, it was gone, even though I was not finished.
I really don't have any additional comments on this hotel. It's just a hotel that offers a bed and bathroom which is all I need for business travel.
Great place to stay.
The Marriott is a nice hotel, although I thought the food was a little pricey.
It was a very pleasant stay. The hotel was very efficient and the ammenities were as expected.