Holiday Inn & Suites Orlando Universal Studios
Holiday Inn & Suites Orlando Universal Studios
5905 Kirkman Road, Orlando, Florida
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good location, easy on and off access to interstte, sites, shopping areas and food locations
Had much trouble with the air conditioner working properly- needed it serviced- service man saw that it was dirty and vacuumed it. Front desk staff very friendly and helpful. Love the Priority Club- it allowed us to check out later. Bellman remembered us everytime he saw us. Quick bell service. Guest Services staff not so knowledgeable- not sure if they were employees of Holiday Inn. Housekeeping hit or miss- when it was a hit, they were very efficient-sometimes did not give us enough shampoo for 3 people even though I tipped every day- had to leave a note each time to make general requests- sometimes forgot to give us coffee packets and condiments.
Convenient to Universal, No Breakfast, they said not to walk to Universal but it was right across the Street! We missed the Mardi Gra at Universal because they didnt tell us it only took place Saturday Night and we could have bought our tickets that evening.
Hotel was very nice and located in a convenient location near shops and restaurants. The pool wasn't too great. There was a restaurant in the lobby which meant no free breakfast.
had a good time. i had a friend who lives in orlando show me around so what little time i spent in the hotel was uneventful.
Great hotel...knowledgable staff
I was very happy with my stay at this hotel and would recommend anyone wanting to stay at a hotel in Orlando. I love that it so close to all the parks and you get transportaion to them all for free