Golden Nugget
Golden Nugget
129 East Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada
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our only 'bad' experience was w/ the first bellhop upon checkin. he had a bad attitude, the remainder week of our stay was our best vacation ever, thanks again for a great stay;
It was not mentioned to us that it was under renovations when we booked. When we got there it was very noisy due to construction
Everything was great. We liked the location because everything was right there. You did not need to walk a mile to go to another casino,
The commode overflowed after I flushed the toilet and while the maintence fellow arrived quickly, he was very rude. They refused to mop the floor even though filthy water had spilled all over it! That was really bad.
i feel it is the best value for my money. I can stay at a quality hotel without having to pay big bucks as i would have to if i stayed somewhere along the strip, and still have all the amenities.
We like the Nugget because it is a four or five star hotel and offer great summer room rates. We were afraid the prices would rise dramatically after the remodel but last year we were still able to get a good rate. The rooms are nice and I love the fact that they have room service. We are never lucky there gambling, so usually gamble else where. The staff is professional but not friendly...seems very corporate oriented. We prefer to go over to the Fremont where it is more relaxed, we are more lucky and the drink waitresses come by more frequently and are friendlier.
Very nice pool area. I loved the downtown