Fitzgeralds Casino & Hotel
Fitzgeralds Casino & Hotel
255 N Virginia St, Reno, Nevada
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This Hotel treats me like family
Sorry no comment
I've stayed there many times now and have always had a comfortable stay with friendly employees
Fitzgeralds is centrally located to everything in Reno. I would not dream of staying anywhere else. The staff always makes my stay memerable while they cater to my needs.
great location, walking distance to other casinos, great prices on rooms, food, etc.
beds not very comfortable and small. do not recommend to stay in. allowed people to beg outside of casino
The phone in my room did not work all the time. The phone tech. came and worked on it three times while I was there and never got it working right. I was there for a tournament and it was fun, but they changed how the meals are covered from the last time I was there and did not like the new way that they did it.