La Quinta Motor Inn
La Quinta Motor Inn
3330 North 104th Ave., Omaha, Nebraska
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it was out-dated (keys, carpetting, bathroom fixtures etc..). The bed and pillows were less than average.
It is a little hard to find off the freeway, but once I got there I was not disappointed. The rooms were quiet and the beds were comfortable. The bathrooms were clean.
hotel was very clean and easy to get to the only problem i had was with the billing of the room we booked at one price and were charged another price
Clean, reasonably priced and pet friendly. Good location to a family member.
I think the stay was pretty much as expected. There was a large family staying there. Us and we probably needed a seperate breakfast area as the breakfast area was too small for our group and that was probably our fault. It was a good stay.
The carpet in the room was super dirty. We have 2 kids (ages 1 & 4). Their socks and clothes got very dirty. The bottom of our socks got black.
The outside doors (at least the one we used) did not close tight and you didn't need a key or pass to get inside.