National's 'One-Two-Free' Promotion Is Back, and It's Doing Everything Right

For the fourth straight year, National Car Rental is running its "One-Two-Free" promotion.

In this case, repetition is a good thing.

Offer Details

Between August 20, 2014, and January 31, 2015, members of National's Emerald Club will earn 600 points for every two rentals of a mid-sized or larger car for two or more days. That's enough for a free-rental-day coupon.

Free rental days must be used by June 15, 2015.

As there were last year, there are again several points-earning opportunities in addition to renting. Among them:

  • 300 points for referring a friend who registers for the promotion and completes a qualifying rental by January 31, 2015
  • 50 points for opting in to receive promotional emails from National
  • 75 points for downloading the National mobile app

Registration is required.

Deal or No Deal

In a best-case scenario based on rentals, this promotion delivers one free day after four paid days. Assuming they're all for the same class of car, that amounts to getting five rental days for the price of four, a 20 percent discount. That's good value. And it could be even better if some of the points are earned cost-free -- for referring a friend, for instance.

This is a promotion that does everything right:

  • The qualification hurdle -- two rentals of two or more days -- is reasonable and achievable. And the addition of alternative points-earning options makes it more achievable still.
  • The promotion is in effect for almost six months, giving program members plenty of time to qualify.
  • There's more than adequate time to use any free rental days earned.

If you're looking for a way to make your rental-car dollar go further, this promotion may be just the ticket.

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