Dining couple (Photo: Fort Lauderdale CVB)

Six airlines are offering 10 frequent flyer miles for every dollar spent at more than 10,000 restaurants. Having a leisurely lunch sure beats flying a thousand miles....read more»

Frontier planes at the airport (Photo: Airbus S.A.S. )

Republic's plan to buy Frontier and Midwest creates new frequent flyer opportunities for travelers, and gives Midwest a new lease on life....read more»

Virgin America seating (Photo: Virgin America)

With the addition of Avis and Budget, Virgin America has begun addressing its loyalty program's woeful lack of earning partners....read more»

Sleeping on an airplane (Photo: iStockPhoto/Stephanie Horrocks)

Ticket prices could, finally, be on the rise. Which means the time is right to book without fear of buyer's remorse....read more»

First-class travelers watching videos (Photo: Stewart Cohen/Index Open)

United's new cash surcharges for frequent flyer upgrades will take effect next year instead of next month....read more»

Denver Capitol (Photo: Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau)

With the addition of the latest promotion from Southwest, travelers to and from Colorado can choose among several competing bonus mile offers....read more»

Photo: iStockphoto

Participate in the "Day In the Cloud" online scavenger hunt for a chance to win free Virgin America tickets and a netbook computer....read more»

Photo: PhotoDisc

While the normal earning rates for car rentals are discouragingly meager, this summer's special mileage bonuses are plentiful and generous....read more»

Credit card on keyboard (Photo: Index Open)

For members of Northwest's WorldPerks program, the Delta-Northwest merger is forcing a choice between two travel rewards credit cards....read more»

Travel brochures (Photo: IndexOpen)

This month's offers are from Alaska, American, Cathay Pacific, Delta, US Airways, and 12 hotels....read more»

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