Delta aircraft on the ground and taking off (Photo: Delta)

The merger represents an enormous opportunity for Delta to establish SkyMiles as the world's largest, and best, frequent flyer more»

Boy looking at an airplane through terminal window (Photo: Mikael Damkier/iStockphoto)

With nary a word to anyone, American has scrapped its much maligned award-ticketing fee. Big news, but no big announcement—what gives? more»

American Airlines planes wait at their gates (Photo: Index Open)

Once upon a time, all major airlines awarded a minimum of 500 miles for all flights. American is the latest to cancel its minimum-mile more»

Oil - Empty fuel tank (Photo: iStockPhoto/ Wendell Franks)

Calling a fee a fuel surcharge means it will rise and fall with the cost of oil. And if it doesn't, then calling it a fuel surcharge is a lie. Simple! more»

Dining couple (Photo: Fort Lauderdale CVB)

In a notable, and notably generous, break with past practice, Delta's new dining promotion features elite-qualifying more»

Hotel room (Photo: Index Open)

Marriott's new no-blackout policy means more awards, right? Actually, with capacity controls still in place, there's no guarantee that free nights will be easier to come more»

Alaska Airlines 737 over mountains (Photo: Alaska Airlines)

This month's frequent flyer offers are from Alaska, American, Delta, and United. And for those planning hotel stays, this is an uncommonly rewarding time to do more»

Delta jets on runway (Photo: Salt Lake City Department of Airports/Michael Schoenfeld)

Delta claims its new three-tier award chart will make award redemption easier for SkyMiles members. Benefits remain to be more»

Credit card on keyboard (Photo: Index Open)

The new credit card linked to Virgin America's Elevate program promises bonus points and a free ticket. There's less to the offer than meets the more»

Virgin America plane parked at the gate (Photo: Clark County Department of Aviation)

Now that Elevate members can redeem their points for free flights, the program is ready for prime time. It's refreshingly innovative, but also deeply more»