Photo: Delta Air Lines

Delta's new scheme is designed to increase the airline's bottom line. The ultimate effect on SkyMiles members remains to be more»

Oil - Rising oil prices chart (Photo: iStockPhoto/Henrik Jonsson)

The industrywide push to blame oil speculators for the airlines' current woes was dealt a blow by a new government report which comes to the opposite more»

(Photo: Southwest)

Whether they like it or not, flyers should get used to the type of service offered by Southwest and Ryanair. A day may come when it's the only option more»

(Photo: Southwest)

It's the question on everyone's mind: Do frequent flyer programs have a future? Southwest CEO Gary Kelly thinks more»

Alaska Airlines 737 up close (Photo: Alaska Airlines)

Once known affectionately as the small airline program that could, Alaska's program is set to become the program that could but decided not to more»

Oil - Oil in the shape of a dollar sign (Photo: iStockPhoto/ Mark Evans)

US Airways' CEO paints bleak picture of the industry's future, predicting that air travel will become a luxury. But he says US Airways will be more»

Continental aircraft front (Photo: Continental)

With newly increased fees, members of Continental's OnePass program will be paying more for award flights and more»

Hotel room (Photo: Index Open)

While oil prices are forcing airlines to raise ticket prices, the drop in hotel demand is having the opposite effect on room more»

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The airlines want the public to believe that speculators are to blame for high oil prices. Should you believe the airlines? more»

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The latest revenue-generator for cash-strapped airlines: In-flight ads. And lots of 'em. Flyers should prepare for the coming deluge of marketing more»