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Since 9/11, the public has endured security screening procedures that are onerous and misdirected.The government, the airlines, and air travelers allow the security sham to more»

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In addition to frequent flyer upgrades, travelers who covet the comfort of first class may be able to take advantage of a little known fare more»

Airline policies are arbitrary and self-serving, leaving travelers confused and more»

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All-business-class carrier Maxjet today filed bankruptcy and ceased all flight operations, stranding flyers traveling from the U.S. to London, and from London to the more»

In spite of efforts by the airlines to derail it, a New York law will guarantee flyers water, food, and access to toilets on grounded planes. But do we deserve more? more»

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Trade your American miles for someone else's Midwest miles? Now you can. But you'll pay a steep price for the more»

Airline programs are losing ground against the credit card rewards programs. To regain viability, airlines must restore award more»

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We pick the five best ways for travelers to boost their frequent flyer accounts. This month, we have offers from American, Continental, United, and more»

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Maxjet's current difficulties, and its refusal to fully explain them, make it a risky bet for travel in the near more»

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Chasing higher profits, mainline airlines plan more overseas service and fewer domestic flights. Frequent flyer award availability and comfort will more»