While there's been little movement by the airline industry toward a more comfortable coach class seat, one U.K. carrier could jump-start more»

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Several major carriers are contemplating spinning off their loyalty programs as independent companies. While the move may benefit stockholders, consumers could be more»

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When Virgin America launches its loyalty program in 2008, it will have some novel features, some of which deliver real more»

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As airlines reported sky-high third quarter profits, their customers endured long lines and cramped flights. Travelers can expect more of the more»

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Members of American's loyalty program can now earn up to 10 miles per $1 spent on restaurant gift more»

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Do we really need a map to locate mileage-earning opportunities? American thinks so, and is backing up that conviction with the release of its new AAdvantage MileFinder more»

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Following in the steps of most other major airlines, Alaska has announced it will cut back the life of miles in its loyalty program, from three years to more»

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Three large newspapers are pressuring Congress to pass a passenger protection law. Is momentum from consumer rights' advocates finally overcoming the airlines and lobbyists? more»

An upcoming change to Delta's mileage program will make currently unrestricted awards more difficult to come more»

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Tim Winship highlights the best mileage offers and declares promotions from JetBlue, American, and Southwest among this month's more»