In the months and years to come, the major airlines likely will spin their mileage programs off as freestanding businesses. That's great for the airlines' balance sheets, and stockholders. But what's in it for the travelers who participate in the programs? more»

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Alfred Kahn is known as the architect of airline deregulation. After 30 years, the house that Kahn built has as many detractors as more»

American is reprising its AAdvantage Short-Hop awards, allowing members of its loyalty program to book round-trip awards on routes under 750 miles each way for 15,000 miles—a savings of 10,000 miles off the normal 25,000-mile more»

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Selling elite status is sure to be a money-maker for US Airways. But current US Airways elites—who earned their status the old-fashioned way—aren't likely to take kindly to the increased competition for upgrades, already in short supply, from the nouveau more»