I like to travel. But I also value my comfort, my sanity, and my time. So my travel plans for this summer are to steer well clear of airports....read more»

A consultant digs deep into the dark recesses of the airlines' financial reports for data that would shed some light on their mileage programs. He's got numbers. But do travelers have answers?...read more»

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Even when the news is good, airlines feel compelled to fudge the facts. No wonder their credibility with the traveling public has suffered....read more»

In the early days of frequent flyer programs, double and triple-mile offers abounded. Does American Airlines' new double-mile offer signal a return to better days?...read more»

Frequent flyer program members complain that airlines have made free tickets unreasonably difficult to obtain. The airlines dismiss such complaints as the whining of a very few disgruntled customers. Who's right?...read more»

On the 25th anniversary of AAdvantage, American Airlines has launched the most...well, downright exciting promotion in recent memory....read more»

Once upon a time, workers at Delta bought their employer a gift: a $30 million Boeing 767. As "The Spirit of Delta" takes its place in an aviation museum, it reminds travelers just how much of its previous spirit the airline industry has lost....read more»

Welcome to "Up Front," a new blog by Tim Winship. The flight plan: we'll grapple with anything and everything related to getting from point A to point B....read more»

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