Would You Rather Pay for Checked or Carry-On Bags?

Spirit's new baggage policy forces passengers to pay for both their carry-on and checked bags. But while the ultra-low-cost carrier doesn't give its customers a choice, the idea has been floated that other airlines could offer one or the other. So, if given the choice, which would you rather pay?

Carry-on Fees Only

Pros: Could streamline the boarding process and free up space in the overhead bins.

Cons: People traveling light would probably check their bags, thus losing most of the benefit of traveling light in the first place. The likely increase in checked bags would put a strain on airlines' baggage systems and could result in more bags being lost.


Checked Bag Fees Only

Pros: Would allow people to bring a carry-on and skip the baggage claim, and reduces the risk of lost luggage.

Cons: Well, we know what the cons are: Everyone tries to carry on, resulting in a boarding nightmare and overstuffed overhead bins.

You Choose

Tell us which fee you'd rather pay, and why, if given the choice.

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