Save 10 percent on your next Spirit flight

Not content to end 2006 with its "Mullet" sale, low-cost carrier Spirit is kicking off the New Year with a 10 percent discount on 2007 flights through March 21. The promotion is a simple one: Use the code "WINTER10" when you book. You must book online, and by 11:59 p.m. ET on January 1, to take advantage of the discount.

I got this promotional code through an email sent to Spirit's email subscribers, but I could find nothing in the promotion's rules and restrictions to indicate it's limited just to those of us on the list.


Still, don't go all crazy booking a flight on Spirit just because of the discount. Always compare fares—including the full price after taxes—before making a purchase. Not every "deal" is a good one, and personally I'm a little leery of any airline that names its sales after an '80s hairstyle. (OK, maybe not really leery, but still—a mullet? Has the world gone mad?)

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