New Routes from JetBlue, AirTran, Others

The past few days have seen quite a few announcements for new routes. Here's a breakdown of who has 'em, where they're going, and when:

AirTran: Milwaukee to:

  • Boston, three round-trips daily, beginning July 7
  • Washington (Reagan), four round-trips daily, beginning October 7
  • New Orleans, one round-trip daily, beginning October 7
  • Ft. Lauderdale, one round-trip daily, beginning November 4
  • Sarasota, one round-trip daily, beginning November 18
  • Phoenix, one round-trip daily, beginning November 18

Allegiant: Long Beach, California, to Bellingham, Washington; three round-trips weekly, beginning July 1. This is Allegiant's first route into Long Beach.

Frontier: Milwaukee-Cancun, up to three round-trips weekly, beginning December 18

JetBlue: Boston-Phoenix, one round-trip daily, beginning September 2.

Readers, are any of these routes useful to you? Any suggestions for where these airlines could fly next?


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