Mileage Millionaires Can Bid for a Ferrari Factory Tour

Ever wonder what the biggest spenders, mileage-wise, do with their million-mile stashes?

Here's one option: a trip to Ferrari's headquarters and factory in Maranello, Italy.


That's one high-end award currently up for bid on United's MileagePlus award-auction site.

Here's what the winning bidder will get:

  • Two roundtrip business-class tickets to Milan
  • Four nights' hotel accommodations in Italy (two in Milan, two in Maranello)
  • Rental car
  • Guided tours of the Ferrari and Maserati headquarters
  • Driving simulator experience
  • Visit to the Ferrari Museum
  • Dinner for two at Cavallino Restaurant

There are now 23 MileagePlus members bidding on the trip, with a current high bid of 605,000 miles. But with almost nine days remaining in the auction, it's a safe bet that the most serious bidders will wait until nearer to the end and bid the price up closer to a million miles.

That's a lot of tickets. And no, the prize does not include a Ferrari.

The auction ends on January 8, 2014.

Reader Reality Check

What would you do with 1 million frequent-flyer miles?

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