Internet beats ATMs in Belize

Contributing Editor Christine Sarkis is in Belize and filed this report:

In the technology race here in Belize, the Internet is beating ATMs by a long shot. I've been keeping my eye out, but I have yet to see a cash machine here, though I did catch a glimpse of a bank from the window of a taxi. However, signs advertising Internet access dot tourist towns such as San Pedro, and at least some hotels also offer access.


On a related note: So far, I've found it to be true that most transactions can take place in either U.S. or Belizean dollars. The exchange rate is an easy $1 U.S. to $2 Belizean. I'll do some more experiments (read: shopping) and report back on just how far the U.S. dollar will go in this land of few ATMs.

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