Exclusive: Summer Airfare Price Drop on Many U.S. Routes

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With fuel costs skyrocketing and demand rising as we get closer to summer, it goes against logic that fares would still be affordable, but guess what—savings on domestic summer travel can still be had.

The Good News

An astounding 71 percent of the domestic routes I've been tracking since the start of the year have decreased month-over-month, though primarily on East Coast routes. Since we know demand and fuel costs aren't the driving force behind the savings, reasons for fare drops are routes with new service, as is the case between Chicago and Los Angeles. Ultra-low cost carrier Spirit began service on said market on April 1, sending other airlines scrambling to compete, and subsequently lowering fares a needle-moving 40 percent since last month.

The So-So News

The week-over-week news isn't as grand as the month-over-month reported above. 58 percent of the routes I'm tracking are cheaper than this time last week. Still nothing to sneeze at, but at least fares aren't moving in the opposite direction.

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How to Find Your Own Low Fares

Don't see your route in our chart? Check fares for your itinerary using SmarterTravel’s price comparison tool, another metasearch site, or an online travel agency.


(Editor's note: Because of its user-friendly flexible search tool, I've used Orbitz for researching the fare data in all benchmarking blogs. Note that the metasearch site doesn't offer American Airline fares.)

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