Another option for premium-class transatlantic flights

This year, we've seen the emergence of two new transatlantic carriers—Eos and Maxjet—that are slowly changing the way we think about premium-class travel with their (relatively) low-cost approach.

Now comes a third option for transatlantic travelers: Silverjet, a U.K.-based premium-class airline that began selling seats to U.S. travelers earlier this week. The carrier flies between Newark and London's Luton airport.


The airline will launch a marketing campaign to target business and leisure travelers based out of New York. Silverjet's round-trip fares start at $1,798. Travel Weekly (free registration required) reports that "customers also can pay extra for chauffeur service, valet parking, helicopter transfers, and train station pick-up."

While that fare may be a bit much for normal travelers like us (well, me, anyway), it's a good thing to see the competition for the New York-London route heating up. If it gets much cheaper I may just find myself taking advantage of one of these airline's services in the new year.

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