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Icelandic airline Wow is kicking off new routes from the U.S. to Europe with some pretty incredible introductory fares. These are the kind of airfare deals that make you stop the important things you're doing and fumble around in your purse for your credit card.

The ultra-low-cost carrier, which operates all-coach Airbus A321 and A320 planes, will begin service from Boston to Europe in late March, with five flights a week. Thrice-weekly flights out of BWI will begin in June. The carrier already flies around Europe, but these routes mark Wow's first-ever service to the United States. ... read more»

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If you were to extrapolate from travelers' complaints about air service, you'd be tempted to assume that their primary concerns when choosing airlines were legroom (more not less), nuisance fees (fewer not more), and frequent-flyer miles (more not fewer).

A new survey just released by paints a very different picture. An overwhelming 86 percent of the 1,145 U.S. adults polled placed price as their highest priority when shopping for flights. Checked-bag fees -- another determinant of price -- were next, at 55 percent, followed by direct flight routes, at 48 percent. ... read more»

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Guest blogger Nate McFadden is the cohost of the Alpine Strangers podcast.

While waiting on a rental car at the Cabo airport, someone mentioned it might rain. I didn't think much of it at the time, as it was about then that my wife returned with our rental car and we started our vacation. But it did rain that weekend—Hurricane Odile dumped 15 inches of rain on us.

We were very fortunate that the hotel where we stayed had water, food, and limited generator power. Even so, being trapped in a disaster zone has its challenges. We had to wait four days before we could be evacuated. The days after the storm were not as scary as the storm itself, but were more trying.

Riding out a hurricane in a hotel room—and being stranded for days afterward in a severely damaged tourist destination—gave me a lot of time to consider what I wish I had known in advance, what we did right, and what I'd do differently next time. Here's what to know if you find yourself vacationing in a hurricane. ... read more»

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This compact, well-designed pack has just enough bells and whistles to wow the completely disorganized flyer. ... read more»

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A new members-only hotel-booking site has plenty of perks, but is it worth the price? ... read more»

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What Is it: The BareTraps Women's Tatiana Riding Boot.

Price and Where to Buy: At time of publication, the boots ranged from $74.39-$109 depending on size and color, on Amazon. They are also available on Footwear Unlimited's website for a sale price of $84.99.

... read more»

Today, members of United's MileagePlus program can earn miles when renting cars with eight rental-car companies: Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Hertz, National, Sixt, and Thrifty.

Beginning on November 1, that list will be pared to three: Hertz, Dollar, and Thrifty. (Dollar and Thrifty are both owned by the Hertz Corporation.) ... read more»

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On a recent three-week trip from my home airport, I chose to stay the night before departure at an airport-area motel. Why? Even though the airport is only 25 minutes from my home, the motel's stay-park-fly package was the best deal. The room rate was $80 for one night, with shuttles to/from the airport and up to 30 days of parking included. The airport's long-term parking lot charge would have been $180 and the round-trip taxi fare from my home would have been close to $100.

My situation wasn't unique. Airport parking at even long-term or "economy" lots can be pretty expensive. At Seattle-Tacoma, for example, the least expensive parking is $28 per day or $130 per week, and costs are in the $20 range at many large fields. Independent off-airport lots typically charge just enough less than the airport to generate business. And even when you live relatively close to your airport, taxi and shuttle rates can often cost more than one night in a motel. ... read more»

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The Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX), "a network of leading airlines, suppliers, and related companies committed to elevating the level of the airline passenger experience," released its latest "global survey of passengers," and the primary conclusion is that passengers want to be thoroughly connected and wired. That theme also pervades the association's 10-year travel forecast: No matter how bad the rest of your travel experience may be, you'll be connected.

Connected or no, the central conclusion about the future of air travel is contained in this excerpt from the current issue of Airline Passenger Experience, APEX's publication: "Seat manufacturers are now under constant pressure from their airline customers to focus on three design parameters: lighter seats, increased number of seats abreast with varying widths, and reduced seat pitch." In short, expect economy class to get worse, not better. "Lighter, tighter, and narrower" is the guiding principle. ... read more»

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What Is It: At Toronto's Lester B. Pearson International Airport, which serves as Air Canada's hub, a simplified baggage handling process sends checked bags directly on to connecting flights so that travelers no longer have to retrieve and recheck bags for U.S. Customs inspection.

Price and Where to Buy: This is a free service offered on all flights that connect in Toronto and continue on to Air Canada's U.S. destinations.

Pros: Ease of use! I came away fully impressed with the service. No waiting in long lines, no fretting about missing a connection, no stress of any kind. I connected in Toronto en route from Beijing to New York, and I was responsible for my carry-on bag alone; my checked luggage made it from Asia to the U.S. with no difficulty. As I had a relatively tight connection for an international route, this was a real game changer for me. ... read more»

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