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Airbnb is at it again. The home rental company that awarded a romantic stay for two in the Paris catacombs last fall is now offering up a free night's stay inside a shark tank alongside 35 new toothy friends.

How generous.

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What is it: Merrell Capra Bolt Mid Hiking Boot

Price and Where to Buy: $140 for women's and men's styles on

Pros: Unlike the vast majority of hiking boots, these are so comfortable from the get-go that they require very little breaking in. They feel light but have enough structure and tread to keep feet totally protected on uneven surfaces. And while they won't pack down small, because they weigh less than most hiking boots, they won't weigh down a suitcase. They're also vegan-friendly but still waterproof.

Cons: These boots seem inspired by the running shoe school of design, with bright colors patterns. So if you're pining for for a subdued earth-tone hiking boot, you'll need to look elsewhere.

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Beginning this May, G Adventures' Yolo and Classic trips to Africa will provide transportation on via a brand-new and fully outfitted Lando—a full steel overland adventure vehicle.

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Cuba again? Well, yes.  When you've been off the American travel radar for decades, your reentry is kind of a big deal. And as American companies become more familiar with the laws dictating <em>how</em> to visit, they're also becoming more creative with customizing their trips while abiding by the restrictions. 

By far the easiest way to go is still to sign up for a person-to-person tour. Even if you don't consider yourself a "tour person," there's a ton of variety in new offerings (some of the <a href="" target="_blank">unique Cuba tours</a> we've found include cycling and diving trips, and a cruise that circumnavigates the island). 

But the current batch of regulations are quite broad, and travelers looking for non-package-tour options have plenty of ways to make a trip happen legally, too. So if 2015 was the year of Cuba coming back onto the travel radar, we expect 2016 to be the year people start getting creative about how to visit. 

<small>(Photo: Thinkstock/Hemera)</small>

President Obama loosened the rules substantially and you can now travel to Cuba as an individual; you no longer need to be in a group. But the U.S. government maintains some limitations on entry. With rules updating on a constant basis, you'll need to know these eight new things if you want to travel to Cuba in 2016. ... read more»