What is it: The Kisha umbrella, an umbrella that's equipped with a Bluetooth chip to alert you if it's lost (and to give you the weather forecast).

Price and Where to Buy: Prices start at $79.95 on Kisha's website.


  • Built-in app alerts you if you've left your umbrella behind (and you can set up "safe zones" so your phone isn't alerting you if you leave your umbrella at home)
  • Included weather app tells you if you'll need to bring your Kisha with you
  • Map shows you where the umbrella is if you do lose it or it gets stolen
  • Special frame is 100 percent windproof
  • Made from corrosion-free materials
  • Comes in unique designs
  • Oversize canopy is big enough to shelter two people
  • Easy to open and close
  • Protected by a three-year warranty


  • The large size means that the umbrella won't fit in a purse or backpack

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What is it: North Fork Apparel Bamboo Pullover Hoodie

Price and Where to Buy: $88 on

Pros: This adaptable bamboo sweatshirt looks sharp, feels soft, and brings a sophisticated edge to the world of pullover hoodies. It's a great flight companion—it's comfortable and light but dense enough to offer real insulation against the inflight chill. It's small enough that it packs away in a day bag easily when not needed (though see note below, it does wrinkle if not folded carefully).

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