(Photo: Tees by Tina)

What Is it: Tees by Tina's Sorbtek Leggings.

Price and Where to Buy: $45 on Tees by Tina's website.

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Airport: Travelers, Flight Screens (Photo: Thinkstock/Hemera)

Los Angeles International Airport, the country's third-busiest, seems as busy reinventing itself as it is busy hosting arriving and departing passengers. The renovations to Tom Bradley International Terminal are ongoing. And the $300 million upgrade of Terminal 2 is due to be finished in 2015.

But the best -- or at least the most needed -- is just beginning.

This week, ground was broken on the 30-year-old Terminal 1, home to Southwest and AirTran, and the scourge of millions of air travelers whose flights departed from the overtaxed facility.

The terminal was used by 9.65 million passengers last year, the most of any LAX terminal. And its inability to handle that volume was clearly visible in the long lines of fuming flyers snaking out the doors and down the airport access road. ... read more»

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(Photo: Skyview)

What is it: Griffin Skyview hands-free travel mount for smartphones, e-readers, and tablets

Price and Where to Buy: $18 to $30, available on or Amazon.

Attach this device to the airplane tray-table latch to create a stable and adjustable mount for hands-free use of a smartphone, e-reader, or tablet.

Pros:  The Skyview is easy to set up, and holds smartphones and tablets (up to 5.25 x 8 inches) equally well. It nicely spares users the neck pain that comes from looking down to read or watch a movie for extended periods of time. Really, it ends up delivering a very similar experience to a built-in seatback screen. And it's adjustable so when the person in front of you reclines, it still works. Also, it keeps your tablet off the germy, sticky tray table. ... read more»

(Photo: Craghoppers)

What Is it: The Dovedale Parka.

Price and Where to Buy: $180 on Craghoppers' website.

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Airport: Stressed Man Checking In

Until yesterday, there was just one employee group at American Airlines that was not represented by a union: customer-service workers, including reservations and airport agents.

On September 16, in what the union calls "the largest labor organizing victory in the South in decades," 86 percent of American's 14,500 agents voted to be represented by the Communications Workers of America-Teamsters Association. Negotiations between the union and management on a new contract will begin shortly.

The pro-union result reverses a previous vote, in January 2013, when workers narrowly rejected the CWA's bid to represent them. What's changed? ... read more»

Adirondack chair, Lake George, NY (Photo: Warren County Tourism)

Amtrak will put its dome car on the Adirondack September 25 through November 4. ... read more»

TSA Agent with Traveler (Photo: Thinkstock/Comstock)

The European press reports that the Department of Homeland Security has approached several European countries about opening pre-clearance facilities for flights to the U.S. This would be great news for U.S. residents returning from European trips.

In case you haven't experienced it, preclearance means that you pass through U.S. Customs, Immigra-tion, and TSA security screening in the country where your flight originates rather than upon arrival in the U.S. The big advantage is that the preclearance happens at your departure airport, where you have to arrive hours before your flight, anyway. Your arrival back in the U.S. is like a domestic arrival: No lines, no hassles; just grab your baggage and go. As a secondary advantage, travelers not welcome in the U.S. learn about that before they're flown for many hours, rather than on arrival—where they are forced to wait for a return flight. ... read more»

Spirit Airlines aircraft tail (Photo: Spirit Airlines)

Is there a season for airline rebranding? With new logos and aircraft paint schemes introduced by three U.S. carriers just this month, you might think so. First, there was Southwest, closely followed by Frontier. And this week, it's Spirit's turn.

The new paint scheme for Spirit's planes can best be described as eye-popping (although "flamboyant" and "blinding" also come to mind). The planes will be sprayed all yellow -- think taxi-yellow -- except for "Spirit" and "Bare Fare" printed in bold black. ... read more»

(Photo: TripAdvisor, LLC)

Don't put your flip-flops and floppy hat in storage quite yet; we found quite a few deals on beachy getaways. ... read more»

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