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Dream tips like sailing around the Greek Islands or along the Amalfi Coast are only for the rich and famous, right? Not anymore.

What was once a luxury market is now accessible to many thanks to the "Airbnb of Boating" service: Antlos. The name is an ancient Greek word used in Homer's Odyssey to describe the motion of the water as Ulysses' ship sailed the seas. Now, the peer-to-peer service is giving you access to these waters in a way that was never before possible.

Before Antlos, if you wanted to charter a catamaran, sail boat, or yacht, you would have to go through a charter company that would book you on a boat in their fleet with a skipper or captain, all for a pretty hefty fee. Since this was previously just a luxury market, smaller and more affordable boats were harder to come by. More recently, some companies introduced catamarans and sail boats to tap into this market, but they still come with high booking fees through a charter company. ... read more»

When it comes to lie-flat luxury on planes, transatlantic long-haul airlines like Emirates, Qatar, and Virgin Atlantic dominate the market. But now JetBlue is upping its flatbed seat count on short-haul flights, raising the question: Could the airline be readying for its own transatlantic routes?

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What is it: Shoulderpod S1 Smartphone Grip

Price and Where to Buy: $35 on Amazon.

Pros: This sturdy and durable three-in-one smartphone grip acts as a tripod mount, a hand grip, and a stand. As a tripod mount, it's easy to use and extremely secure. As a hand grip (with a wrist strap), it allows you to do crazy stuff like shooting video while holding your smartphone out over the side of hot air balloon basket while minimizing the chances of dropping it hundreds of feet.

Cons: Because it's sturdy and well made, it's slightly heavier than some other tripod mounts. But its adaptability and durability make the extra weight feel worthwhile.

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