AAdvantage and Dividend Miles programs will earn extra bonus miles for first- and business-class flights. ... read more»

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If it's a good deal (or a notably bad one), you can read all about it here, and plan your travel accordingly. ... read more»

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It's elementary, dear readers. A theme park is coming to England. 

The BBC just signed a landmark deal with Paramount and a real-estate developer, opening the way for a brand-new amusement park. But this won't be Disney World UK: According to sources, major BBC shows like Doctor Who, Sherlock, and Top Gear will be turned into attractions.

While the developers haven't confirmed exactly which shows will become themed rides, many insiders think that the network's biggest hits are sure bets. The developer and the network are now determining which brands and programs will be turned into rides, interactive simulations, experiences, dining options, and more. The hope is that foreign tourists—not just Brits—will make the journey to experience the globally popular BBC shows. (We know we'd fly eight hours to ride a TARDIS roller coaster or eat at a Speedy's Sandwich Bar.) ... read more»

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With fuel costs at a five-year low, one carrier has finally passed the savings onto flyers. Will others follow? ... read more»

Fugu, a new kind of extremely expandable suitcase, transforms from a modest carry-on compliant case to an extra-large and extra roomy checked bag at the push of a button. It's awesome. We've never seen anything like it.

There are already plenty of expandable suitcases on the market. Most of them unzip to offer a few extra inches of suitcase space. Fugu blows the whole lot out of the water. The world's first pufferfish-style suitcase (the name "Fugu" means pufferfish in Japanese) expands from 25 cm to 70 cm in height. It switches from carry-on compliant (at 50cm x 40cm x 25cm) to checked bag (50 cm x40 cm x 70cm) thanks to expandable panels that inflate at the press of a button. A built-in electric pump uses air pressure to swell the suitcase's side walls. ... read more»

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Good news from Hyatt: The chain will introduce more award-price decreases than increases next year. ... read more»

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In 2014, we've seen ticket prices skyrocket, legroom shrink, and even industry darling JetBlue break our hearts with new fees. And while next year may bring more of the same, one airline is actually trying to make flying better.

That airline is American. Surprised?

With a number of grand plans in the work, flyers could actually experience a new and improved flight next year on American. Here's how: 

A New Fleet

American is buying 112 new aircraft next year. The new planes include long- and short-haul craft, including a number of new Airbus models. These new planes join the nearly 100 planes American got in 2014, making American's fleet the newest, and among the most fuel-efficient, in the U.S.

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What Is it: The UV Skinz sun protection clothing line.

Price and Where to Buy: We tested the Women's Ruched Tank Top ($46.95), and the Halter Dress ($59.95), but other styles and clothing for men and children are also available.

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Consumer advocate Ed Perkins is traveling in Europe this week, sending tips and tales from the road. Follow along here.

I arranged a rental car in advance for my arrival in Bari. The rental was with Enterprise, which had the best deal. During the rental booking process, I was asked if I was over 25. The booking agent did not ask my age. But when I arrived, the clerk at the Enterprise desk informed me that the company did not rent to anyone age 72 or older.

So, it's 9 p.m. and I have no car. I easily got a replacement the next morning, and Enterprise agreed to refund my pre-payment, but the experience cost both inconvenience and two unnecessary cab fares. ... read more»

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