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What is it: The Leaf by Bellabeat, smart jewelry that helps track your activities.

Price and Where to Buy: Starts at $119 on Bellabeat's website.


  • Can be worn discreetly—we clipped ours on to the side of our boot and it was unnoticeable, unlike traditional fitness trackers
  • Stylish design comes in silver or rose gold
  • Can be worn as a necklace, bracelet, or clipped on
  • Battery lasts for up to six months without charging
  • Wirelessly syncs with your smartphone
  • 14 day memory
  • Can set silent reminder and wake-up alarms
  • Tracks and analyzes your sleep
  • Monitors your activities (customize your goal for active minutes or steps)
  • Can set an inactive alarm to alert you if you've been sedentary too long
  • Includes breathing exercises to help you relax


  • Not water-resistant, although it can stand up to sweat during a workout

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Airplane: Incoming Plane (Photo: Shutterstock/PhotonCatcher)

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I spent 11 days in Myanmar aboard Avalon River Cruises' Avalon Myanmar in December.

Where: Myanmar (you may know it as Burma)

When: Mid-December

Weather: Hot in Yangon, where I spent three days. Cool in the mornings and hot during the day on the Irrawaddy River between Bhamo and Bagan.

Type of Trip: Cruise

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What is it: A portable rechargeable battery pack.

Price and Where to Buy: At the time of writing, the Fit was on sale on Amazon for $24.99.


  • Powerful: can fully charge an iPhone 6s up to 4 times
  • Charges quickly
  • Works with any USB device (phones, tablets, etc.)
  • Durable aluminum case
  • Power lock can put the device on standby for up to six months


  • Big power means a big size: the Fit is larger than other chargers we've seen (3.9x2.5x0.8")

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