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What Is It: At Toronto's Lester B. Pearson International Airport, which serves as Air Canada's hub, a simplified baggage handling process sends checked bags directly on to connecting flights so that travelers no longer have to retrieve and recheck bags for U.S. Customs inspection.

Price and Where to Buy: This is a free service offered on all flights that connect in Toronto and continue on to Air Canada's U.S. destinations.

Pros: Ease of use! I came away fully impressed with the service. No waiting in long lines, no fretting about missing a connection, no stress of any kind. I connected in Toronto en route from Beijing to New York, and I was responsible for my carry-on bag alone; my checked luggage made it from Asia to the U.S. with no difficulty. As I had a relatively tight connection for an international route, this was a real game changer for me. ... read more»

There's one quick and easy task you can do that will more than likely save you money on your next flight. Less than 24 hours after you've booked your plane tickets, hit up some airline websites and check fares. You'll thank us later.

We received an email from airfare-analysis website Hopper today that reminded us of something very important: U.S. travelers can cancel or change all plane tickets within 24 hours of booking, as long as those tickets are booked more than seven days ahead of departure. This largely unsung yet very consumer-friendly policy has been the law since 2011. The Department of Transportation (DOT) says so. If you've dropped some cash on a plane ticket and are having regrets, there's an easy way out for at least a day. File that factoid in the back of your brain and put it to use when you're planning your next trip. ... read more»

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Enter the Budget "Road Trip" sweepstakes by November 4, 2014, for a chance to win the grand prize: a $5,000 Budget car-rental credit, plus a $10,000 check.

To enter, "Like" the Budget Facebook page, provide the requested contact information on the sweepstakes landing page, pick five destinations on the interactive map, and press "Submit." Done! Time required to participate: less than one minute. ... read more»

Miles & Points (Photo: Shutterstock)

Following is our regular summary of the latest travel news and best frequent traveler promotions reviewed during the past week.

If it was a good deal—or a notably bad deal—from an airline, hotel, or car rental loyalty program, you can read all about it here, and plan your travel accordingly.

Which Airline Has the Best Transcon Service?

George Hobica found out the old-fashioned way: by trying each U.S. airline's New York/Los Angeles service. ... read more»

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Saveur, probably the most credible of the surviving culinary magazines, has just published its 2014 Culinary Travel Awards, including its expert panel's picks of the best in inflight dining.

The inflight meal awards were broken down by class of service (first or business class, and economy) and by quality (Best, Outstanding, and Notable). ... read more»

Technology: Man Looking Up at Charging Phones (Photo: flickr/iamtheo)

Don't get me wrong, I definitely have some issues with the service I get from T-Mobile. Reception in my city is spotty and sometimes I feel like I'm dropping calls like it's 1999. But for all that, I still think it's a great choice for anyone who travels internationally on a regular basis.

Initially, I switched because I wanted to be able to use my phone while traveling like I use my phone at home without becoming one of those cautionary tales about that person who accidentally racked up $1,000 in overages on vacation while doing basic smartphone stuff.

So I did what I usually do, I asked an expert. In this case, it was Johnny Jet, who is always traveling and always posting both to his website and to social media. He suggested T-Mobile for its no-nonsense, no-added-data-charges approach to international use.

In the last two months, T-Mobile has announced two new features that make its service even more useful to travelers: ... read more»

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What Is it: The Keds Crashback Shoe.

Price and Where to Buy: $50 on Keds' website.

... read more»

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Does the world really need another hotel brand?

Hilton thinks so, and will begin opening hotels under the Canopy name in 2015.

Hilton is promoting Canopy as a "lifestyle brand," which seems to mean that it aspires to be whatever's considered hip and cool by Millennials. Here's how that translates into hotels:

Neighborhood-y - "Canopy is all about being local, through design, food and beverage, art and knowledge."

No Cookie-Cutter Hotels - Each Canopy hotel will be unique. ... read more»

The key to fall trips is to pack warm items while keeping baggage weight to a minimum. Finding outwear that folds up small or rolls up tight is also important, since bulky jackets can easily take over a small suitcase. Here are three lightweight jackets that look great, are warm enough for cooler days and evenings, and compress well for easy packing. Each approaches the light-small-warm equation slightly differently, but all succeed. These jackets have three different price points, but all share the same goal: to keep you warm and fashionable wherever your travels take you this fall. ... read more»

Bangkok Golden Buddhas (Photo: iStockPhoto/YinYang)

Thailand is poised to take destination marketing down a heretofore unexplored road with an ad campaign that promotes the supposed lure of visiting a country operating under martial law.

Since the democratically elected government was ousted in a May coup, the country has been under the control of the army. Tourism, which normally accounts for around 7 percent of Thailand's economy, is off 20 percent. And the Tourism Authority of Thailand was understandably under pressure to put a tourist-friendly face on the situation. ... read more»

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