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This year, United dropped its practice of allowing families to board planes before other travelers. The legacy carrier joined the ranks of American and US Airways, which don't officially offer pre-boarding or early boarding of any kind for families. But a handful of other airlines still do, including Delta (the last legacy airline supporting family-friendly boarding), JetBlue, and more»

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Airlines based in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf have been buying up huge fleets of the biggest planes around—the Airbus 380 and Boeing 777. Some of you have asked me what's going on with these lines—their home countries are very small and don't generate much outbound or inbound traffic—and why they are growing so big, so fast. Because this is a slow week for travel news, it's a good time to look at one of the more interesting developments in international aviation. more»

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Darrin Michael currently serves as the eCommerce/Marketing Director at Dave Arbogast Van Depot in Troy, Ohio, where he writes about the RV industry daily. His work has been featured on,, and more. When he's not covering the RV lifestyle, he enjoys spending time in the Great Outdoors.

Traveling with children can be a big challenge regardless of the age of the children and the type of vehicle utilized. Taking an RV can have much more in the way of room and comfort for everyone involved. The sleeping quarters are much better than those that can be had in even the nicest of tents. There are also more options when it comes to equipment and games. Here's three tips for RV travel. more»

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Alaska Airlines announced its all-time biggest airplane buy: 50 total new planes, spread among several different variants of Boeing's popular 737 series. This is also one of Boeing's biggest orders this year, and it includes 13 of the largest current generation 737-900 models plus 20 of the even newer generation 737 MAX 8 and 17 737 MAX 9s. Alaska currently flies 30 old-generation 737-400 models, which are well behind the current norms for fuel consumption, so more than half the new order will be to replace the older guzzlers. The others will support more»

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Enter's 1,000,000 Points sweepstakes by December 31 for a chance to win the grand prize: one million Hilton HHonors points, a $2,000 voucher good for a seven-day Caribbean cruise for two, and $1,000 in spending money. There are five runner-up prizes of 50,000 HHonors points each.

To enter, provide the requested information (name, email, zip code) on the sweepstakes landing page, and press "submit."

Time required to enter: under 15 more»

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Back in July, in what was obviously an example of a "mistake fare," United offered MileagePlus award tickets to Hong Kong for four (count 'em!) miles.

Naturally, legions of opportunistic shoppers jumped on the deal, knowing full well that the offer would be terminated as soon as United realized its more»

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For centuries, Great Britain's castles were the literal and political high points of their communities. Designed to keep people out, today these formidable structures are wide open to visitors and appreciated for their romantic allure. Adults and kids alike love a good castle—who can resist the appeal of drawbridges, secret passageways, and pointy turrets towering over a moat? more»

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In this week's roundup of travel news, we discover the best-looking universities on the planet, travel to a town called Romney, and uncover a new way to board planes.

The World's Most Beautiful Universities

Just in time for fall, Travel + Leisure has published a list of the prettiest universities in the world. And you may be surprised to see which bastions of learning they picked. Hint: It's not all ivy-draped New England institutions. In fact, only a couple of U.S. universities are on the list. (Princeton, which has won a good number of "most beautiful campus" awards, is noticeably absent.) See if your favorite school made the cut. more»

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If it's a good deal (or a notably bad one) from an airline, hotel, or car-rental loyalty program, you can read all about it here, and plan your travel more»

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Google Translate

Google Translate offers translation services for more than 60 languages, both speech recognition and text. The best part is it works and it's FREE. Each translation Google Translate provides includes a written phonetic translation in addition to the audio recording. I found phonetic translation is key for translation apps. You'd think that would be a common feature to include but apparently not… more»