American jet on runway (Photo: Kansas City Aviation Department)

Cash is now pretty much a relic when it comes to in-flight purchases, as another major airline goes all-plastic, all the time onboard its more»

American aircraft tail upclose (Photo: American Airlines)

American's embargo also extends to the Dominican Republic, and will last for thirty days. The airline says it is trying to ensure all customers' bags are accommodated on their scheduled more»

Ask the Pilot-Patrick Smith

Our blogger sits down with pilot and columnist Patrick Smith to talk about everything from absurd safety rules and tarmac delays to what he would change as TSA more»

Customs sign at the airport (Photo: iStockphoto/Lya Cattel)

Planning on sitting trackside when Apolo Ohno blows by? Then make sure you've got a passport or other enhanced ID to cross the more»

Millimeter Wave Passenger Imaging Machine Used by TSA (Photo: Transportation Security Administration)

Body scanners may reveal everything, but they don't catch everything. In fact, there are many ways would-be attackers could circumvent this new more»

Photo: United Airlines

United didn't wait too long to align its bag fees with the competition. Travelers will now pay up to $35 per bag when flying with more»

Train riding along the coast (Photo: iStockphoto/Paul Erickson)

Amtrak's high-speed rail service between Boston and Washington, D.C., will soon feature wireless Internet access. The service will be free, at least for a more»

Airplane in bright orange sky (Photo: iStockPhoto/Stephen Strathdee)

A major earthquake struck Haiti yesterday, causing widespread destruction and disrupting travel to the island. Check here for updates on travel waivers and other more»

Airport: Security Bin with Shoes (Photo: iStockphoto/Sean Locke)

Since the attempted bombing on Christmas Day, there have been numerous changes to security policy, and almost as many cases of travelers acting strange. So how do you feel about taking to the skies? more»

Bags lined up for departure (Photo: iStockphoto/Vera Bogaerts)

Oh look, another bag fee hike. Same old same old, right? Not exactly, and, in fact, there's a strange (and pricey) trend emerging in the world of baggage more»