TripAdvisor Traveler's Choice Awards Logo (Photo: TripAdvisor)

TripAdvisor's dirtiest hotels list showed us the seedy underside of traveling, but its Travelers' Choice awards focuses on the hotels that get it right. Read on to find out who's best of the more»

Airport baggage handler (Photo: Index Open)

If you book a flight with one carrier but actually fly on a partner airline, whose bag fee do you pay? Our blogger investigates, and finds the answer makes more sense than you might more»

TripAdvisor Dirtiest Hotels 2010 Logo (Photo: TripAdvisor)

TripAdvisor is out with its annual list of the world's dirtiest hotels. Thank your lucky stars you've never stayed at any of these dirty, disgusting disasters (hopefully) more»

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Don't want to invest in a snowsuit for your biannual ski trip? Instead of buying expensive equipment for your next vacation, rent it. You'll be surprised by what's more»

Photo: IndexOpen

Quakes in Grand Cayman and aftershocks in Haiti have people on edge, and travelers are wondering if it's a good idea to travel to the region. The answer is murky at more»

Airport: Woman in Security Check Line (Photo: iStockphoto/james steidl)

In the aftermath of the failed Christmas Day attack, SmarterTravel readers have come to accept body scanners as part of the airport security process. But there are no illusions of more»

Photo: Boeing Photo

Remember that whole PR stunt about Ryanair charging people to use the bathrooms? Crazy, right? Well, turns out it may not have been a stunt after more»

Air: Baggage: Carousel (Photo: iStockphoto/Gary Martin)

As fees get higher and higher, the idea of shipping baggage instead of checking it becomes more and more enticing. But is it cost-effective? And what can travelers do to stop the fees trend? more»

American jet on runway (Photo: Kansas City Aviation Department)

You may have had Martin Luther King, Jr. Day off, but American was hard at work raising your bag fees. The carrier's new charges take effect February more»

US Airways aircraft tail close up (Photo: US Airways)

US Airways has matched the recent bag fee hikes from United, Delta, and Continental. The fee goes into effect January 18 for travel on or after February more»