Amtrak train, Colorado (Photo: PhotoDisc)

A snag with the government's required environmental review process means the only developed high-speed rail corridor in the country will not receive any stimulus more»

(Photo: iStockphoto/Lya Cattel)

The liquid ban has complicated the process of bringing duty-free bottles of Scotch or perfume on the plane. If you've ever wondered whether you can travel with these liquids, you're not more»

Photo: British Airways

The two sides will sit down and try to avoid what would be a disastrous shutdown during the Christmas travel period. But can they forge a peace, if only a temporary one? more»

Photo: Delta Air Lines

This simple question seems like it would have a relatively simple answer, right? But this is the airline industry we're talking about: Nothing is as obvious as it more»

Airplane Silhouette Colorful Sky (Photo: iStockphoto/Dan Barnes)

2009 was an extremely difficult year for the airline industry, with billions of dollars lost across the board. And no one knows, or will say, if 2010 will be any more»

Photo: British Airways

The carrier's cabin crew union said it will cripple the airline in response to massive cuts enacted last month. The strike is scheduled to begin December 22, but will it actually happen? more»

Man clinging to airplane seat (Photo: Index Open)

An American Airlines flight attendant allegedly went berserk when a passenger asked for OJ. While this is an extreme case, it's worth knowing what to do when friction arises in more»

Airfare: Plane Maintenance (Photo: iStockphoto/POBox)

The airline industry monitors mountains of data, and most of it is available to the public. What we aren't allowed to see, however, is safety data. So why not? more»

Photo: Northwest Airlines

We may finally have a definitive conclusion to the vexing question of what led two Northwest pilots to miss their airport by over 100 miles. Sort more»

Christmas Market in Tallinn, Estonia (Photo: Swissotel)

Europe's great Christmas markets offer a unique holiday experience at an affordable time of the year to fly and more»