Airplane taking off at dusk (Photo: iStockPhoto/Stephen Strathdee)

The 2000s changed the world of travel as we know it. We take a look back at the events that shaped the past ten more»

Airplane in pink clouds (Photo: iStockPhoto/Linda & Colin McKie)

As details emerge about the security lapses that led to Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab's failed terror attack, it becomes more apparent that the government needs to overhaul the more»

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Two bloggers, frustrated by the TSA's lack of clarity surrounding the new security restrictions, posted the actual restrictions themselves. Their reward? A subpoena from the more»

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Acting after last week's terrorist attempt, the two countries have announced plans to implement full body more»

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In this age of abundant airline fees, it takes a lot to be crowned the year's worst. Plus, nominate your own worst fees of the year! more»

Millimeter Wave Passenger Imaging Machine Used by TSA (Photo: Transportation Security Administration)

As the country reels from a brush with disaster, many are calling for tighter security. But you can't have tighter security without sacrifice, and therein lies the more»

Airplane on runway (Photo: C. Borland/PhotoLink)

The new guidelines put in place following last week's attempted terrorist attack have already been eased, but the TSA's vague and seemingly random reaction has been nothing short of more»

Airport -  Crowded check-in area (Photo: Houston Airport System)

We're tracking the evolving security implications of last week's failed airplane bombing. LATEST UPDATE: The rules have been eased, but not more»

Airport security check sign (Photo: Finn)

The TSA implemented new security measures after the failed attempt to bomb a Delta flight on Christmas. Here's what you need to know before going to the airport, and what to expect once you're more»

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A passenger aboard a Delta flight from Amsterdam to Detroit allegedly tried to ignite small explosives as the aircraft was preparing to land. The man was subdued by other passengers and more»