Turkeys on parade (Photo: iStockphoto/Julie Vader)

Overall travel will rise, but air travel will drop, as more and more travelers take to the road this Thanksgiving. Is Turkey Day still the big travel day it once was? more»

Woman wearing a mask on a plane (Photo: iStockphoto/Marcel Braendli)

Ever boarded a plane feeling great, only to arrive at your destination sick as a dog? If you've ever gotten sick on a plane, we want to hear your more»

Waiting in line at the airport (Photo: Xavi Arnau/

You can prepare for a delay In less than 10 minutes, even before you leave the house. So if you get stuck at the airport, you can make your time on the ground fly more»

American jet parked at the gate (Photo: iStockPhoto/Hal Bergman)

American's handy new tool lets you know beforehand if you'll have wireless Internet on your flight. Better yet, it actually works pretty well! more»

Departure screens in blue (Photo: Index Open)

A computer glitch in Atlanta has set off a wave of delays across the country, and numerous airlines have already canceled flights. Watch this space for more»

Flying dollars (Photo: Kativ,

When a handful of airlines imposed their holiday surcharges last month, people reacted mostly with shock and horror. Now those airlines have taken the surcharges to a whole new more»

Allegiant Air tail (Photo: Allegiant Air)

Something didn't seem right when Allegiant said the mother (and her noisy children) it kicked off a plane weren't due a refund. So we investigated, and guess what? They more»

Prescription drugs (Photo: Index Open)

A United Airlines crew removed a passenger they thought might have the flu. She says she didn't, and the incident begs the question: Should the airlines police the flu? more»

Allegiant Air aircraft (Photo: Allegiant Air)

For the second time this month, an airline removed a mother and her children, both of whom were causing a scene. But the real story here is Allegiant's complete lack of more»

Easy to get to and built to handle huge numbers of  sun-and-fun seekers, <a href=" " target="_blank">Panama City</a> is likely the most popular spring break destination in the U.S. Sample fares for travel to Panama City from Chicago in March start around $278, plus taxes, on <a href="" target="_blank">Continental</a>. 

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One-way car rental specials and big discounts on vacation rentals and campground sites in warm southern states make escaping the cold easy and more»