British Airways aircraft close up (Photo: British Airways)

Following pressure from the Department of Transportation, British Airways will compensate passengers who booked erroneous underpriced tickets to India, only to have those tickets more»

Air: Baggage: Racing through Airport (Photo: iStockphoto/Chad McDermott)

The current charge, $4.50 per flight segment, funds improvements to runways, terminals, and gates. Airports would like to see that fee top $7 next year. Will they get their way? more»

Virgin America plane parked at the gate (Photo: Clark County Department of Aviation)

Zagat's annual survey of the airline industry doesn't tell us much we didn't already know: Continental, JetBlue, and Virgin America bring the more»

Thanksgiving dinner 2 (Photo: Index Open)

If you're willing to break with tradition here and there, it's possible to build a full Thanksgiving dinner out of items not prohibited by the TSA's ban on more»

Delta jets on runway (Photo: Salt Lake City Department of Airports/Michael Schoenfeld)

In response to news that Delta will switch to credit-card-only purchases onboard, several readers wrote in with questions about how the new system will more»

Airport - Departure screen full of canceled flights (Photo: iStockPhoto/Simon Smith)

The DOT announced it will hand out a combined $175,000 in fines following this past August's overnight tarmac delay fiasco. But are heavy fines fair, or even the best solution? more»

Photo: Southwest Airlines

Southwest removed a passenger deemed too large to fit into only one seat. Trouble is, he was heading to his uncle's funeral, and didn't make it. Did Southwest cross the line? more»

Photo: iStockphoto

Happy Thanksgiving travel: Is it even possible? With some advance planning and the right attitude, the answer may be "yes." more»

Crowded boarding area (Photo: iStockphoto/Ernest Campbell)

Believe it or not, there are numerous ways to be removed from a plane. Learn what they are, and what your rights are if you find yourself doing the walk of shame back to the more»

Crowded airport (Photo: Elena Elisseeva/iStockphoto)

Starting tomorrow, Travelocity will have live spotters at a dozen major airports sending delay information via Twitter and Travelocity's more»