Euros (Photo: Index Open)

New credit card technology in Europe has left American travelers in a difficult spot: To carry cash or take a chance with plastic? There's no easy or ideal more»

Savannah, Georgia, cemetery (Photo: Chris Hughes,

Halloween is right around the corner, and with it comes the perfect excuse to take a trip to a spooky destination. Take our newest quiz and discover where you should visit this more»

Bathroom: Toilet Paper against Green Tile (Photo: iStockphoto/Enrico Fianchini)

Japan's All Nippon Airways wants its passengers to hit the bathroom before boarding. In fact, they're going to make sure you more»

Airplane Wing Over Snow-Covered Mountains (Photo: iStockphoto/Adrian Assalve)

Dramamine? Minty gum? Trade secrets with other readers about the best ways to deal with motion sickness brought on by particularly bumpy more»

Air- Head-on in the Clouds (Photo: iStockphoto/Carlos Santa Maria)

But they're still lower overall than a year ago. So if prices really are stabilizing, the question becomes: When do they start going up? more»

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The $10 surcharge initially placed on three high-volume travel days in November and January has been expanded to 13 days in 2009 and more»

Dollar bills on a line (Photo: Index Open)

A reader questions the usefulness of airline low-fare guarantees. Many aren't worth the trouble, but consumers can sometimes snag a decent payoff if they're very, very more»

Pennsylvannia - Delaware Water Gap (Photo: Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau)

Take our latest Facebook quiz to find out where you should see autumn colors this year. We also want to hear about your favorite fall foliage more»

Bags lined up for departure (Photo: iStockphoto/Vera Bogaerts)

Pay a flat annual fee and get (virtually) unlimited checked bags for a year. It's a good deal for frequent travelers, but does little good for anyone more»

Ryanair aircraft close up (Photo: Ryanair)

Ryanair is now forcing all passengers to check in online (for a fee). Passengers who don't, or can't, will pay over $60 for "emergency" check-in at the more»