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The New York Times warns holiday travelers that they procrastinate at their own peril. And with November looming, there may be some truth to more»

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Airlines with the most bag fees also saw the biggest drop in revenue last quarter, while Southwest claims fee-weary travelers have flocked to its service. So do bag fees cost more than they're worth? more»

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The FAA has proposed fines of $5.4 million against US Airways and $3.8 million against United for a variety of safety procedure more»

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A reader is surprised to find himself watching a video of his flight landing as it's happening. Truth is, many aircraft have cameras that give passengers a plane's-eye-view of more»

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According to Travelocity's "Rudeness Poll," seatmates with poor hygiene are the most disliked, while passengers toting oversized carry-ons are the most annoying thing about more»

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Priceline issued a report saying travelers will find more value during Thanksgiving this year, but prices are down more»

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The DOT issues a stern warning to airlines just months after it fined Spirit for baggage compensation violations. The message? Don't do what Spirit more»

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Tired of taking a beating for adding and raising fees, some airlines are trying to explain their side of the story. And honestly, they may have a more»

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Halloween falls on a weekend this year, and hotels around the country are offering themed specials and packages to entice travelers. Here are some of the spooky more»

<h2>Don't Forget the 3-1-1 Rule</h2>
Of course, make sure those toiletries and liquid travel products are three ounces or less, as mandated by the <a href=""target="_blank">Transportation Security Administration</a>, and are packed in a clear plastic one-quart bag. This rule applies only to carry-on bags. If you're checking your bag, you can transport toiletries of any size in whatever type of case you wish.

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But while that sounds like good news for travelers, the proposal presents a host of logistical issues. And what about our ban? When does that get lifted? (Hint: maybe sooner.) more»