Stethoscope and Globe (Photo: iStockPhoto/johanna goodyear)

Multiple airports are offering flu shots this year, so travelers can be vaccinated on the go. Read on for a list of airports offering the more»

Southwest 737 jet approaching runway (Photo: iStockPhoto/Lowell Sannes)

Southwest will no longer include sliced lemons as part of its beverage service, and instead will offer only limes. The move should save the airline $100,000 a more»

Woman waiting for plane to depart (Photo: Index Open)

American leads the pack and begins asking passengers for birth date and gender information as part of ticketing and more»

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Let's face it: Booking mistakes happen. But a little-known rule on some airlines offers a way to fix the error without needing to pay hefty change more»

Photo: United Airlines

Customers can purchase a plethora of elite amenities with Premier Line and Premier Line Plus. So what's the point of being a frequent flyer these days? more»

Photo: Aer Lingus

An Aer Lingus crewmember meant to play a message, in French, alerting passengers to turbulence ahead. Instead, it was a message saying the plane was making an emergency landing. In the more»

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It's a Today in Travel twofer: Exploring why (some) car rental companies charge for spouses and helping a traveler figure out when to book award tickets to more»

<h2>Don't Forget the 3-1-1 Rule</h2>
Of course, make sure those toiletries and liquid travel products are three ounces or less, as mandated by the <a href=""target="_blank">Transportation Security Administration</a>, and are packed in a clear plastic one-quart bag. This rule applies only to carry-on bags. If you're checking your bag, you can transport toiletries of any size in whatever type of case you wish.

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Hopes of liberated liquids were dashed by the TSA. The current restrictions on carry-on liquids and gels will remain in place for at least a more»

Denver Capitol (Photo: Denver Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau)

Southwest's three new nonstop routes from Denver include service to Boston, Spokane, and Reno, and begin January more»

Piggy Bank Smashed by a Hammer (Photo: iStockPhoto/Amanda Rohde)

A new report shows the airline industry pulled in a collective $10.25 billion in ancillary revenue and a la carte fees in more»