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An astounding confluence of bizarre circumstances and inflexible rules led to a "nightmare" situation aboard a small jet in Minnesota. Moral of the story? There has got to be a better more»

<H2>The View From Coach</h2>

This is the view most people will have aboard a Virgin flight, and it's not a bad one. The seats are comfortable and roomy, despite an unspectacular <a href="" target="_blank">32 inches of legroom</a> (12 Cabin Select seats have 35 inches). The seats are designed to be lower to the ground, which pulls your knees away from the seat in front of you. The onboard entertainment system is robust and fun to use, ordering meals from your seat is convenient, and the mood lighting (if that's your thing) lends a unique and soothing atmosphere to the stylish cabin. 

Still, I couldn't help but think that all these bells and whistles were merely distractions from the fact that hardly anything onboard is complimentary. Meals, snacks, and drinks cost between $3 and $10, movies are a hefty $8, and in-flight Wi-Fi sets you back $9.95 for flights under three hours and $12.95 for longer trips. Of course, how much you want to purchase is up to you, and the cabin <i>is</i> really cool.

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