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In our first installment of Today in Travel's Question of the Week, a reader asks if he can discard part of his ticket. The answer? Yes, but at his own more»

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A recent SmarterTravel survey shows readers overwhelmingly want Congress to legislate a passenger bill of rights, and that current proposals don't do more»

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JetBlue and Lufthansa are expected to announce a deal that will allow customers to book tickets to Europe on more»

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But despite a 13 percent drop from 2008, this year's holiday will still be the third-busiest of the decade. So what are your plans? more»

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If you've waited until now to book your trip to the Winter Games, you'll have to face some budget-pummeling realities. But there are still a few ways to do it for more»

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Each bag you check on Virgin America will cost you $20 for travel on or after September 10. So how does the low-cost carrier expect to compete with Southwest and JetBlue? more»

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Passengers will soon pay $45 online and $50 at the airport for the second checked bag on transatlantic more»

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Effective October 7, passengers will pay $20 online and $25 at the airport for the first checked bag, and $30/$35 for the more»

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The spectre of swine flu is once again hovering over us, threatening to wreak havoc as the fall flu season gears up. Here's what travelers should know as we prepare for round more»

<h2>March: Seeing Wildlife on Belize's Hummingbird Highway </h2>

 Lauded for its ecotourism practices and stunning vistas, Belize's Hummingbird Highway showcases all kinds of wildlife, citrus farms, the Maya Mountains, and the Caribbean. An adventure vacation here could include hiking, canoeing along the Belize River, snorkeling, and (of course) bird watching. March is a great time to see all the region has to offer, with its pleasant temperatures averaging in the high 70s and very little rainfall. Get more information on the <a href=""target="_blank">Belize Tourism Board website</a>. 

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Be neighborly: Many of us have shuttled to an alternate city to catch a flight if the savings outweigh the hassles. What if you could save about half the cost of airfare by flying into another country? more»