<p>Granite peaks, diverse wildlife, and lighthouses can be found throughout Maine's Acadia National Park. Summer is an ideal time to visit, with weather ranging from 50 to 80 degrees. It's also when most <a href=""target="_blank">ranger-led programs</a> are available, with options including guided hikes, storytelling and children's activities, and boat tours. The best indicator you'll be cool and comfortable? The description of the Frenchman Bay Cruise, offered every day in the summer, advises travelers to "wear warm clothing." Get acquainted with Acadia on the <a href=""target="_blank">National Park Service website</a>.</p><p>(Photo: Maine Office of Tourism)</p>

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<h2>Kilimanjaro, Tanzania</h2>

"The trek on 'Kili' goes not to a base camp, nor around the mountain, but right to its summit, the highest in Africa," writes Potterfield. "Because the week-long journey to the top of this great peak is nontechnical &hellip; <a href="" target="_blank">Kilimanjaro</a> is that rarest of high mountains: It offers to any fit hiker, not just the skilled climber, both the rewards and the misery that come from an attempt on its glacier-clad summit."

There are several routes to the summit, and you'll find outfitters offering supported treks on each, but Potterfield suggest taking the Machame-Mweka Route, arguably the most scenic way up the mountain. <a href="" target="_blank">Zara Tours</a>, a local company, runs six-day trips for $1,305.

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