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The low-cost carrier will launch new Boston-to-Baltimore service in September, a direct match of Southwest's new route. Clearly, JetBlue intends to protect its more»

AirTran aircraft tail close up (Photo: AirTran)

AirTran posted a $28.7 million profit in the first quarter of 2009, bucking the recent trend of huge losses. The carrier is also asking customers to submit ideas for new onboard more»

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Find out the latest on hotels that have taken ecological responsibility way past washing fewer towels. Plus, read ways to save green while staying more»

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Delta lost three-quarters-of-a-billion dollars in the first quarter of 2009, and responded with a $50 fee to check a second bag on international more»

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Have you flown lately? Do flights seem just as packed as ever or alarmingly empty? Take our survey and tell us about your real travel more»

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The carrier will begin moving its customer call centers back to the states, in response to complaints about its outsourced customer service more»

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Our favorite destination? Definitely earth. Here are saving strategies and destination ideas inspired by Earth Day more»

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Following United's rather controversial new policy for overweight passengers, US Airways and Southwest decided to clarify theirs. Both are more generous than United' more»

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American posted a $375 million loss in the first quarter of 2009. Southwest clocked in with a $91 million loss. But what does all this mean for consumers? more»

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What happens when four baby pythons get loose in a plane's baggage hold? Qantas just found more»