Airlines, tour operators, cruise companies, hotels, and even destinations are offering free or discounted airfare with vacation more»

Dollar bills on a line (Photo: Index Open)

Priceline announced new price-protection offers for airfare and vacation packages, ratcheting up the competition with Expedia, Orbitz, and more»

Millimeter Wave Passenger Imaging Machine Used by TSA (Photo: Transportation Security Administration)

In a recent poll, SmarterTravel readers voiced their disapproval of the TSA's new body-imaging scanners. So why did so many say they'd still choose to go through them? more»

Ireland Small Farm Houses By the Sea (Photo: iStockPhoto/clu)

Ireland is more affordable than it's been in years, and we've got a bunch of recommendations for where to go and what to do to make your trip memorable more»

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Travelocity has debuted a limited-time new price-guarantee program for vacation packages, similar to Orbitz' Price Assurance airfare more»

Photo: JetBlue

JetBlue extends its Promise Program, which offers a full refund if you're laid off, to include vacation packages as well as flights. But why is JetBlue hogging all the good karma? more»

Photo: JetBlue

The carrier may begin selling meals on longer flights by May, pending results of its test. Is this the end for those blue chips everyone loves? more»

Southwest 737 jet approaching runway (Photo: iStockPhoto/Lowell Sannes)

Desperate to find new ways of making money, Southwest is apparently "intrigued" by the idea of selling food. But doesn't that fly in the face of everything the "no-fee" airline is about? more»

Dollar bills on a line (Photo: Index Open)

An increasing number of travel providers are unveiling recession, layoff, and other rough-economy more»

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Let's recap the past year: Numerous bankruptcies, countless fees, jet fuel at $180 a barrel followed by jet fuel at $50 a barrel, and now, a recession. Where do we go from here? more»