Trash bags (Photo: Petr Nad/iStockPhoto)

Two of the country's biggest airlines have lately been paying more attention to their planes, and customers are noticing. Is cleanliness coming back to an airline near you? more»

Frontier planes at the airport (Photo: Airbus S.A.S. )

Following its most profitable December ever, Frontier could exit it's nearly yearlong bankruptcy as soon as this more»

Hotel Carter sign (Photo: Terraxplorer/iStockphoto)

While there's plenty to say about this unfathomably filthy place, the Hotel Carter's run as dirtiest hotel brings up some practical issues every traveler should more»

Athens, Greece (Photo: Index Open)

McCarran Airport saw a 7.7 percent decline in traffic last year, with many predicting 2009 will be worse. Hotels will probably slash rates as a result, but will it be enough to reverse the trend? more»

Spirit Airlines aircraft tail (Photo: Spirit Airlines)

Our old friend, the airline fee, is back, this time courtesy of Spirit Airlines. The ultra-low-cost carrier raised various fees by as much as $ more»

Photo: Southwest Airlines

After another big quarterly loss, the airline's once-impenetrable armor is showing serious cracks, proving that no carrier is immune in this more»

American Airlines planes wait at their gates (Photo: Index Open)

Following a whopping $340 million loss in the fourth quarter of 2008, American announced it will take fewer new planes in 2009 and reduce service more»

Photo: US Airways

There's no way US Airways wasn't giving the passengers of Flight 1549 some sort of assistance, but the decision underscores the difficulty of getting compensation from an more»

Dining in first class (Photo: Stewart Cohen/Index Open)

Premium ticket sales plummeted in November as the recession deepened, choking a major source of revenue for the more»

Airplane -  Emergency Exit (Photo: iStockPhoto/Hendri Lombard)

The survival of all 150 passengers aboard US Airways Flight 1549 is a miracle indeed, thanks to a heroic pilot, and reminds us all why airline safety is not something to be more»