$100 bill plane (Photo: iStockphoto/ Alex Potemkin)

As the hours tick down to the New Year, it's time to take one last look back at the highlights—er, lowlights, shall I say—of travel industry news in 2008....read more»

Southwest 737 jet approaching runway (Photo: iStockPhoto/Lowell Sannes)

Does this mean fuel (and oil) will stay cheap for the foreseeable future? Maybe. But Southwest will play it safe regardless....read more»

Photo: IndexOpen/photolibrary.com pty. ltd.

Nasty weather snarled traffic across the country, notably in Chicago. Were your travel plans affected? Share your story....read more»

Frontier planes at the airport (Photo: Airbus S.A.S. )

Frontier Airlines debuted a new flexible structure called AirFairs that lets passengers choose how they'd prefer to pay for their air travel....read more»

Christmas tree at Washington Reagan Airport (Photo: Chris Johnson/iStockPhoto)

All together now: It's the most won-der-ful time of the year! Right? With foul weather heading in, maybe not, even with fewer people expected to travel this Christmas....read more»

British Airways aircraft front view (Photo: Airbus S.A.S. )

Imagine this: Two major European airlines actually cut their fuel surcharges in response to falling fuel costs. American carriers, take note....read more»

The Customs House, Boston (Photo: Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau)

Whether it's due to the Virgin America effect or not, Boston is suddenly heating up. Both American and JetBlue announced they will increase service from Logan in the coming months....read more»

Delta aircraft tail (Photo: Delta)

Delta's in-flight Wi-Fi service debuted on six aircraft, most of which fly short routes along the Eastern seaboard. Why, you may even be reading this blog in the air!...read more»

People looking at airport monitors (Photo: Index Open)

With fewer flights and fewer passengers, airlines are finding it easier to keep their service on schedule. It makes sense, but is it good for travelers?...read more»

Athens (Photo: Index Open)

Several days of nationwide rioting has shut down all travel into and out of Greece. The U.S. Embassy in Athens has issued a warning urging caution....read more»

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