Frontier planes at the airport (Photo: Airbus S.A.S. )

Frontier backtracked on its decision to eliminate free same-day standby, proving once again that customers can get airlines to change their minds. But did the airline do enough? more»

Thanksgiving dinner 2 (Photo: Index Open)

Despite all the unpleasantness of the past year (new fees, capacity cuts ... the list goes on) there's a lot to be thankful for this year. Really! more»

Hotel room (Photo: Index Open)

Just like the airlines, hotels are having financial difficulties, and many are offering deals as a more»

Photo: VStock LLC/Index Open

While it's not shocking that most travelers reject a pay-for-everything fare structure, what is surprising is that the majority isn't more»

Turkeys on parade (Photo: iStockphoto/Julie Vader)

Times are tough, but with air travel expected to drop by as much as 10 percent this holiday season, you may be able to grab a low price and visit mom and dad after more»

Southwest 737 jet approaching runway (Photo: iStockPhoto/Lowell Sannes)

After years of serving secondary airports on the fringes of big cities, Southwest has decided to go for the gold: The Big Apple. Look out, world! more»

Christmas tree at Washington Reagan Airport (Photo: Chris Johnson/iStockPhoto)

President Bush is once again opening airspace reserved for military use in the hopes of easing congestion around the holidays. Will this help, or is it just for show? more»

Johnstown Airport, Pennsylvania (Photo: iStockPhoto/Mark Treese)

An airport in Pennsylvania is thinking about giving away free flights to nearby towns. Which leads to the question: Why on Earth would an airport give away flights? more»

Airport - Departure screen full of canceled flights (Photo: iStockPhoto/Simon Smith)

A government task force assigned to formulate guidelines for dealing with tarmac delays submitted its recommendations this week, but passengers will find little more»

Photo: Digital Vision

Will the Grinch derail your Christmas travel plans? Take SmarterTravel's survey to help us predict how this holiday travel period will play more»