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Southwest is far from weak financially, but the airline posted a $120 million loss for the third quarter. Are we finally seeing cracks in Southwest's aura of invulnerability? more»

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Holiday fare predictions have been dire. Tell us if you've found a way save this more»

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Airlines cut international fuel surcharges across-the-board this weekend, offering travelers heading overseas a glimmer of hope. This may be a sign of things to come on popular domestic routes, more»

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In the days since American announced its plan to adopt an a-la-carte pricing structure, we've seen an outpouring of criticism from readers, many of whom think the idea is wrong, wrong, more»

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Most people expected cheaper airfares to return when oil prices dropped, but that hasn't happened, even though oil has gone down by a third since more»

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Frontier says a new fare structure is key to its restructuring plans, but it also wants alliances with other low-cost-carriers. Looks like the airline wants to change the industry more»

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Sun Country Airlines filed for bankruptcy protection, meaning it will keep flying while it undergoes reorganization. But with its primary owner in hot water, the road to recovery could be more»

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Are you planning to fly over the Thanksgiving holiday? Or has the soaring price of tickets left you grounded? more»

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The airline will "unbundle" fares and charge only for the amenities you want. But is it an honest attempt at pricing transparency or simply more nickel-and-diming? more»

<h2>Don't Forget the 3-1-1 Rule</h2>
Of course, make sure those toiletries and liquid travel products are three ounces or less, as mandated by the <a href=""target="_blank">Transportation Security Administration</a>, and are packed in a clear plastic one-quart bag. This rule applies only to carry-on bags. If you're checking your bag, you can transport toiletries of any size in whatever type of case you wish.

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New technology aimed at detecting "threat" liquids means those pesky carry-on restrictions could be eased soon. Is it safe to say this is the best airline news we've heard in a long time? more»