Delta and Northwest merger (Photo: Delta/Northwest)

The government approved Delta's proposed merger with Northwest, and the deal was made official shortly thereafter. But there's still a long way to go before these two carriers become more»

Bags lined up for departure (Photo: iStockphoto/Vera Bogaerts)

Tired of dragging your luggage to the airport, only to offer it in sacrifice it to the baggage-handling gods? Well, starting at a tidy $149, United and FedEx will ship it for you, door to more»

Photo: JetBlue

The airline will begin weekend flights between Boston and St. Maarten in February, another big step toward strengthening its position in the more»

Carrying luggage through terminals (Photo: Index Open)

The airline recently reduced its maximum allowable carry-on size in order to align its restrictions with those of its partners. But what's a few linear inches among friends? more»

AirTran aircraft tail close up (Photo: AirTran)

Passengers flying on full-fare coach tickets can now upgrade to business class after they've boarded. To say this is both a welcome idea and a shrewd business move would be an more»

Dollar bills on a line (Photo: Index Open)

As skilled as we are at finding good deals, we can't do it alone. This is your chance to share your deal-finding knowledge with all of us here at Smarter more»

Walking trail, Carmel, CA (Photo:

We're gearing up for our November Special Report all about free travel, and we want your help! We'll feature the best tips in an upcoming more»

Aircraft refueling (Photo: iStockphoto/Bojan Tezak)

A New Jersey senator wrote to the major airlines, asking them to reduce fuel surcharges. Whether or not the airlines are listening is another more»

US Airways aircraft front 1 (Photo: Airbus S.A.S. )

US Airways is a big fan of its charge-for-everything approach, and isn't looking to change it even if oil prices more»

Boy looking out airplane window (Photo: iStockphoto/Gertjan Hooijer) readers share tips about how parents can keep their children under control in the more»