AirTran aircraft tail close up (Photo: AirTran)

A second checked bag on AirTran, previously $10 online and $20 at the airport, is now $25 in all instances. Oversized and overweight baggage fees are also on the more»

Delta aircraft tail (Photo: Delta)

On December 1, Delta will unveil new first-class seats on its MD-88 Shuttle fleet. Elite SkyMiles members will be eligible for complimentary more»

Delta and Northwest merger (Photo: Delta/Northwest)

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Pillows on airplane seats (Photo: iStockPhoto/Yu-Feng Chen)

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Following Canada's passing of its own Passenger Bill of Rights, the chances for a U.S. equivalent could be improving. Some even think Congress could debate it next more»

Photo: JetBlue

Buyers on eBay paid 40 percent less on average than they would have on while the airline unloaded excess fares. It's no wonder JetBlue is contemplating another eBay auction in the more»

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Spirit Airlines - Ad Space For Sale Onboard (Photo: Spirit Airlines)

The airline will plaster ads to its overhead compartments, tray tables, and bulkheads. But if onboard billboards help keep fares low, are they really that bad? more»

Crowded airport concourse at O'Hare (Photo:

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