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The low-cost transatlantic carrier has flown its last flight, stranding ticketed travelers in the process. Let this serve as a reminder that not all bankruptcies are created more»

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A new list asks what's now becoming an old question: Which airlines are fee-crazy, and which are not? In most cases, the distinction lies between the lesser of two more»

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Readers share comments on United's recent meal-service cuts in coach class for Europe flights and in business class for domestic more»

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Southwest will eliminate nearly 200 routes, and Midwest will add seats and reduce seat width. No matter how you slice it, both airlines are looking to help their bottom more»

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We're collecting tips from moms and dads to share tricks and tactics for vacationing with little more»

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Passengers can now check in for their departing and return flights simultaneously, and have boarding passes for the return flight delivered by more»

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While fees for checked bags are up across the board, some airlines are now charging flyers as much as $300 to check a more»

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United will cut meal service in coach on Europe flights and in business class on domestic flights. Voice your opinion on this in our four-question more»

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We've gotten so many insightful, funny, and thoughtful comments that we're bringing you a roundup of discussions inspired by the summer's most popular more»

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Free drinks will remain in business class, but fees for snacks and sandwiches are on the more»