Aircraft refueling (Photo: iStockphoto/Bojan Tezak)

As their financial losses mount, airlines may turn to more and larger fuel surcharges in an effort to balance their bottom lines. The question is, how high can these surcharges go? more»

Midwest Airlines logo (Photo: Midwest Airlines)

Assailed by high fuel prices and already on thin financial ice, Midwest announced it will cut 11 cities from its route map. Will this be enough to save the troubled carrier? more»

Man getting poked in the eye by paper plane.

The airlines are dealing with tough labor issues on top of all their financial woes. Still, as the saying goes, the industry made its own bed, now it has to sleep in it. But should you? more»

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The second-quarter numbers alone are staggering: Delta lost $1 billion, American $1.4 billion. That's right, billion! Is it time to get used to those fare hikes and new fees? more»

Photo: Courtesy of Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau

Not even the islands of Aloha are exempt from baggage fees, as regional carrier Go! and Hawaiian Airlines have added charges more»

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Already struggling to beat back bankruptcy rumors, Midwest's drastic job cuts will only magnify its uncertain future. Is the end truly near? Midwest's pilots' union chief says "yes." more»

Planes taking off behind pink sky (Photo: Index Open)

A severe and unexpected shortage of air traffic controllers has left the FAA desperate to hire new staff. But advertising on MySpace? more»

Oil - Burning petroleum on oil rig (Photo: iStockPhoto/Brasil2)

The airlines say so, and they want you to write to Congress on their behalf more»

Photo: Northwest Airlines

Northwest became the fourth major U.S. carrier to add a first-checked-bag fee. Will Delta, Northwest's partner in a proposed merger, be far behind? more»

TV with no signal (Photo: IStockPhoto/Marie-france Belanger)

The curtain goes down on in-flight films on November 1 for domestic, Caribbean, and Mexico more»