Woman in orange using laptop (Photo: Index Open)

Multiple airlines have warned customers that email scammers are sending bogus ticket invoices that contain computer viruses....read more»

Airport - Departure screen full of canceled flights (Photo: iStockPhoto/Simon Smith)

If a canceled flight or missed connection is your airline's fault, you may be owed a substitute seat on another airline. Airfarewatchdog.com shows you which airlines will do this....read more»

Baggage carts (Photo: Index Open)

Delta will raise its checked baggage and overweight baggage fees on both domestic and international flights. However, first checked bags are still free....read more»

Delta aircraft on the ground and taking off (Photo: Delta)

A Delta plane held passengers on the tarmac at JFK for several hours due to thunderstorms in the area. But instead of passenger outrage, there's ... well, not a whole lot of anything....read more»

Frontier jet flying over water  (Photo: Airbus S.A.S. )

Travelers who change flights a day prior to their scheduled departure will pay a $150 fee, plus the difference in fare. Day-of changes will cost the difference alone....read more»

Airfarewatchdog logo (Photo: Airfarewatchdog)

A new chart over at Airfarewatchdog.com sorts out the flex-search mess, showing which websites allow you to search with flexible dates....read more»

Busy baggage claim (Photo: Index Open)

A government study reveals which airports have the highest and lowest average domestic fares. Oh, and airfares overall are up 4.4. percent since last year....read more»

Dalmatian in a suitcase (Photo: iStockPhoto/Ira Bachinskaya)

Thinking of bringing your furry companion on a Continental flight sometime soon? You may want to think again. At $125, the carrier has one of the highest in-cabin pet fees in the skies....read more»

The Capitol, Washington, D.C.

Responding to the controversy that erupted this spring over missed safety inspections, the new legislation will require stricter rules and more oversight for FAA inspectors....read more»

Spirit Airlines aircraft on runway (Photo: Spirit Airlines)

For roughly a week, Spirit was charging nearly all its passengers a $5 fee. That fee is now gone, because it hurt demand. Is this a ray of hope for passengers?...read more»

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