SeatGuru luggage shipping page (Photo: SeatGuru)'s sister site SeatGuru compares the different shipping options in its travel tips more»

Photo: Southwest Airlines

Passengers will have a few new routes to choose from this holiday season, but many are wondering where all the cheap flights have more»

American Airlines aircraft front (Photo: American Airlines)

In an effort to trim fourth-quarter capacity, American and American Eagle will eliminate numerous flights from Chicago, Dallas/Ft. Worth, and New York's LaGuardia more»

American Airlines aircraft tail (Photo: American Airlines)

The carrier is looking to introduce in-flight Internet (for a fee) on a broad number of flights. Is this finally a service passengers won't mind paying for? more»

Photo: United Airlines

United has brought the minimum stay back to life. The rule is essentially another piece of red tape wound around the airline's lowest fares (which, by the way, were just raised) more»

Delta aircraft tail (Photo: Delta)

Delta will hand out rebates to customers who felt they didn't get a fair shake when the airline issued its second-checked-bag fee. Do you have $25 heading your way? more»

Man clinging to airplane seat (Photo: Index Open)

Another airline will charge for something that was formerly free. Passengers will now pay up to $15 to select a seat online, while it still costs nothing to do so at the more»

Continental aircraft tail close up (Photo: Continental)

The country's second- and fourth-largest airlines hope to reap the benefits of a merger without suffering the pitfalls. We find out what the arrangement means for more»

Delta aircraft on the ground and taking off (Photo: Delta)

Twenty-eight passengers are suing to challenge the proposed merger, saying it will create a monopoly and lead to higher fares and worse service. The airlines disagree, of course, but who's right? more»

At the airport check-in counter (Photo: Stewart Cohen/IndexOpen)

Air Canada is also trimming flights. These cuts, coupled with those from other airlines, are pulling overall capacity back down to 1997 more»