Busy baggage claim (Photo: Index Open)

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Bags lined up for departure (Photo: iStockphoto/Vera Bogaerts)

Following American's game-changing decision to charge for all checked bags, what we all want to know is: What will happen next? more»

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Take your kids back in time to the 11th century to see knights joust, duel with swords, and perform magnificent feats on more»

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In a startling move, American will begin charging for all checked bags, effective June 15. The significance of this decision is simple: Unless you can carry on all your stuff, you're more»

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Recent flight cutbacks are taking a toll on more than 400 airports across the more»

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Thousands of consumers surveyed by the University of Michigan say airline customer service is the worst since 2001, and at its second lowest level in the survey's 13-year more»

Busy runway at Reagan National (Photo:

Finally, some good news for air travelers. While far from introducing a passenger bill of rights, the DOT is now requiring more protection for more»

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Looks like all the news about airfare hikes, outrageous fuel prices, and airline intrigue may be convincing a lot of travelers to stay at home this spring and more»

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But make no mistake: They are not discussing a merger. So what are they talking about, and what will it mean for travelers? more»

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Mesa Air Group subsidiary Air Midwest announced today a plan to phase out service by the end of June, a move that could signal instability at one of the country's major regional more»