Airline safety check (Photo: Stewart Cohen/Index Open)

After canceling more than 1,000 flights Wednesday for inspections of wiring harnesses on its MD-80 aircraft, American Airlines plans to cancel another 900 more»

America's new terminal at JFK aiport (Photo: American Airlines)

American has canceled hundreds of flights and grounded planes for inspections and repairs of its MD-80 aircraft. more»

Woman waiting for plane to depart (Photo: Index Open)

Scott McCartney of The Wall Street Journal predicts several airlines may be joining Aloha, ATA, and Skybus on the bankrupt list in the near more»

Great Wall of China near Beijing (Photo: John Wang)

According to a number of visa agencies, Chinese authorities are restricting visas into the country. China has also closed Tibet to more»

Cell phone in hand (Photo: Index Open)

The European Commission has just approved in-flight voice calls, text messaging, and email during European more»

U.S. bills and coins (Photo: Index Open)

Compared to bankruptcies and safety issues, the fees airlines keep piling on passengers suddenly don't seem so bad. At least until it comes time to pay them more»

Photo: Skybus

Skybus is the third airline in a week to cease operations, following Aloha and ATA. Several airlines have stepped up to help stranded passengers, including JetBlue and US more»

Dollar bills on a line (Photo: Index Open)

If that rebate is already burning a hole in your pocket and you're looking for a summer vacation, now is a good time to start shopping for a destination and a more»

Photo: Southwest Airlines

At a congressional hearing on Thursday, FAA inspectors revealed that the agency knew more than it originally let on about Southwest more»

Luxurious restroom ( Bryngelson)

Know a public bathroom that deserves to be America's Best Restroom? There are only a few more days to nominate your pick! more»